Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Links to some oddities

Hi there! My main blog, Sensibilities, has accumulated a lot of material over the years, so now its sidebar has become too long. Thus I have decided to create this new blog page dedicated exclusively to links to sites about puzzles, optical illusions, biological and mental oddities, and other strange things. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Just in case you just stumble on this blog by accident, you can always go to my main blog, but do visit these sites. Here they are!

  • Amazing Illusions

  • Curiology

  • Dark Roasted Blend

  • Grand Illusions

  • Map Of Strange

  • Morbid Anatomy

  • Neatorama

  • News Of The Weird

  • Optical Illusions And Visual Phenomena

  • Quirkology

  • Scientific Curiosities

  • Strange Science

  • The Human Marvels

  • The Proceedings Of The Athanasius Kircher Society